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¿Qué es el acrílico? 

Las bañeras y duchas acrílicas se forman con láminas de acrílico aspiradas que luego se refuerzan con material de PVC.  

Ventajas del acrílico

Style and beauty aren't the only perks of adding tile to your bathroom design. Whether you want a tile backsplash installation, new shower or updated flooring, bathroom tile is:

  • Versatile in design

  • Customizable

  • Durable

  • Allergin-Resistant


Tile work can also add value to your home and improve the air quality in your bathroom. Get in touch to schedule your project in Charlotte, NC.

What kind of tile design will you pick?

Your bathroom tile is the focal point of the room. So make sure you give it careful consideration. Carolina Bathroom Remodeling can work with you to decide on the perfect design for your space. We can even handle plumbing fixture installations to create a completely fresh look. Whether you simply want a new shower or you're ready to retile your bathroom from ceiling to floor, we're the team you need.

Get started by calling 704-790-4949 for a free phone consultation for your bathroom tile project in Charlotte, NC.

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